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Tubes, High Purity Metals, Glasswares, Aluminawares, Lab. Ovens, Agatewares, Filter Papers, Balances, Teflon wares, Silicon Tubings, Water Distillation,Laboratory Chemicals, Lab Reagents, Laboratory Plasticwares, Laboratory Glasswares, Laboratory Filter Papers, Laboratory Silicawares, Laboratory Porcelainwares, Laboratory Disposable Products, Microscopic Slides, Disposable Mask, Rubber Gloves, Syringe, Rubber,Laboratory Glassware, Scientific Glassware, Chemistry Glassware, Lab Glassware, Chemical Glassware and other Lab Consumables.

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We are one of the leading suppliers & prominent service providers of quality MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC INSTRUMENTS,LAB CONSUMABLES & REAGENTS

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