Electrology Analyzer

Electrolyte analyzer capable of analyzing sodium and potassium. The equipment can be upgraded to analyze chloride and lithium. It is an economical equipment tailor made for everyday clinical analyses.
These equipments manugactured by diamonddiagnostics laboratory USA
Under this we provide :


  • Sample
    Whole Blood, Serum, Plasma, or Urine
  • Sample Size
    100 μl Whole Blood, Serum or Plasma
    400 μl diluted (1:10) Urine
  • Detection Range
    Blood Na+: 45-205 mmol/L
    K+ : 1.5-11 mmol/L
    Cl- : 45-205 mmol/L
    Li+ : 0.15-5.0 mmol/L
    Urine Na+: 30-1020 mmol/L
    K+ : 20-505 mmol/L
    Cl- : 25-505 mmol/L
  • Analysis Time
    57 sec (Blood)
    93 sec (Urine)
  • Data Storage
    1000 patient results
    500 Level 1 QC results
    500 Level 2 QC results
    500 Level 3 QC results
  • Calibration
    Automatic or On Demand
    1 Point after every Measurement
  • Reproducibility
    Typical Within Run (n=30)
    Blood, Serum, Plasma
    Na+: CV

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